• How many pictures do you deliver?

    There is no predetermined amount of photos. We capture, edit, and deliver as many as are necessary.

  • What is your turnaround time?

    Photos are delivered by the morning two days after the photo shoot. For example, a Tuesday photo shoot will have its photos delivered by 9:00 AM Thursday morning.

    Exceptions are weekends, where a Friday photo shoot has a delivery by Monday morning, and holidays, where the delivery time is extended by the length of the holiday.

    Videos are delivered within 48 hours of the appointment. If special motion graphics are requested for a video, please allow an additional 24 hours for delivery.

  • How should a home be prepared?

    Closets, unfinished areas, and the garage are great places to hide things. Those areas won’t be photographed unless requested.

  • Can we move things from one room to another during the shoot?


    For video capture, things will need to be well-hidden to stay out of sight of a moving camera, as opposed to a still camera. If you want videography, please be sure to have the house as clutter-free as possible.


    For aerial photos / video, the whole exterior of the house needs to be photo-worthy. That is, no moving of items will be possible once the UAV (drone) is in the air.

  • Does this decoration look better than that one? Should this room have / lack a certain item?
  • How long does a photo shoot take?
  • How should a home be prepared for twilight photos?


    The home MUST be prepared by time of sunset, which varies by time of year and by daylight savings time. A quick internet search will give you today’s sunset time.


    A home is prepared by having all exterior lights turned on, as well as all interior lights in rooms with a window.  We do not want any dark windows. Don’t forget that this may include the garage and closets, which sometimes have windows. Blinds and drapes need to be opened so that light can be seen from the outside.


    At about 15 minutes after sunset, we will photograph the front and back of the house, so please make sure the back of the house is prepared, as well. Don’t forget the pool light!


    If a home is vacant or unoccupied, we can arrive early to turn on the lights ourselves. However, we must be informed of this before the appointment — otherwise we may not have enough time. Access can be granted by Supra, lockbox, or other method.

  • How are photos / videos delivered?


    Photos: an automated email from noreply@viewshoot.com will be sent to you once your photos are completed and uploaded. If you have paid for the photo shoot, that email will also contain download links and web page tour links. If you have not yet paid, the email will have a link you can follow to pay online. Once payment is made, you will receive the email that has download links.


    Videos: same as above, except, in addition to having a link to download the video, we will also include a link to the video on YouTube. This YouTube link will allow you to add the video to your listing on websites like Zillow.


    If you have given us branding information for video, we will include both branded and non-branded versions.

  • How do I set up an appointment?


    You may also contact our scheduler, Christy Meyer, to set up a shoot:



    314-384-9997 (call or text)

  • What should we do about less-than-ideal weather?


    Snow cover is problematic, but if a listing needs to get on the market, there’s little we can do at the time. Often, when the weather is better, we are asked to set up another appointment for fresh, unclouded exterior photos.

  • Are there any caveats for aerial photography / videography?


    There are also possible restrictions if a home is very close to an airport. This is something we will need to evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

  • How can I use the photos / videos?


    This license does NOT include the ability to use our material as part of another work for sale or other form of profit. If you have a question concerning what you may use our material for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.