The home MUST be prepared by time of sunset, which varies by time of year and by daylight savings time. A quick internet search will give you today’s sunset time.


A home is prepared by having all exterior lights turned on, as well as all interior lights in rooms with a window.  We do not want any dark windows. Don’t forget that this may include the garage and closets, which sometimes have windows. Blinds and drapes need to be opened so that light can be seen from the outside.


At about 15 minutes after sunset, we will photograph the front and back of the house, so please make sure the back of the house is prepared, as well. Don’t forget the pool light!


If a home is vacant or unoccupied, we can arrive early to turn on the lights ourselves. However, we must be informed of this before the appointment — otherwise we may not have enough time. Access can be granted by Supra, lockbox, or other method.